By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

In the end Man was questioned
Who lied the most
Words or Eyes?

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29 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Try to explain the nuances of a shakespearean sonnet as a vow to a lover. Try to use your chords to fabricate a lie. It simply is as easy as our wetwares are hardwired to conceive patterns that conveniently create a situation which cannot be real- a lie.
    Our body, on the other hand is something that we can never hard wire because we have evolved the ability to express emotions non linguistically before language developed, and this over reactive amygdala does not allow our physical self to lie.
    I do understand that you have a beautiful thought out there and the question tagged in the end has no intent seeking an answer… but you provoked this thought and I wanted to share.
    Not an answer… but words lie the most. Eyes do not. 🙂
    What a thought ? You have apparently become food to my thought motors 😛

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    1. Wow.. you have described it beautifully. I do agree words lie the most. But eyes are very good at camouflaging the truth. Words are easily understood and eyes usually goes unread. Even I would like to add not all words are lies, somewhere in between them the truth resides.
      Somewhere whilst living life, we have failed to read in between the lines & explore the truth in the eyes.

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      1. Thank you, Aishwarya 🙂
        Don’t you think more than eyes camouflaging the truth, its the eyes that see that is blinded by love and trust? Just another thought, though I agree to understand what you are saying there 😛
        I agree that eyes unusually go unread, because the veil of trust and love blinds us and we hear only words while we are only in a make-believe of what we hear.
        Yes, you are right. We cannot say that everything is a lie all the time. I prefer to call a lie, the convenient truth.
        Eyes, a window to the soul. But we often look into them only when its dark on the other side. 😉

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