Set free

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Once a caged bird said to a man
Surely I am caged,
you love me so is said by you
But true love never cages anyone
It is that medium which sets to freedom;
Someday I will escape from this cage
Fly high towards my abode
But Oh man!
Tell me so
I am here trapped in cage
But I can see even you in situation same.
How will you escape the cage of your mind
Self imposed unaware 
Etched are your insecurities in every action of thy. 
I will free myself one day
Because I am well aware of my wings
That I will flare,
But I pity you Oh the most intelligent of creations;
Oblivion you are to your own gifts.

Coiled by the fence laid by society
You have reduced yourself & wasted your life.
You have caged me
But I am still not mad at you
I pray every moment to the almighty
To help you release yourself
Off self imposed Cage of Thoughts.

ยฉ All rights reserved. All rights are reservedยฉraghaash blog 2016.

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