Hearty Confessions!!!


By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

A silent confession
She spoke in silence
She told to her beloved
That which she could not mouth herself.
Often she was criticized for hidding her thoughts
mystery engulfing her self
she was a mystery for him in and out.

Atlast She gathered courage caught his hand and looking straight into his eyes.
Breaking stereotypes
She said atlast
“Look into my eyes,
to listen the unspoken
to read the oblivion;
look into my eyes
search for my soul,
but not my heart, because I have already lost it to you.
Look into my eyes,
you will find the answers for the questions you never heard
deep inside the depth of my heart
You will find where you reside
Never doubt my love
I am no more myself.

Nobody in this universe can ever hate oneself.
Accepting oneself with all pros and flaws
Love is beyond any mundane laws.
You know what I can never hate thou
Love can never die or end
When you become me and I become thou.
A amalgamation of souls
Bringing to one purity a d bliss

Look into my eyes,
pereginate into the recess of time,
look into my eyes,
trust me, without any doubt.
Each and every beat of heart vibes out I AM ONLY YOURS!!!….

He smiled shyly
She was like no other person he had ever met
In her eyes he often saw his universe
To her simplicity he was attracted.
She was like a hurricane
A beautiful mess
Sober and sassy at the same time
She often came across as surprise to him.

It was a heart to heart confession,
love etched in her words
he didn’t doubt a single word of hers.
And that moment he had altogether fallen again in love with her
His heart spoke out
She was the one
Somebody with whom he wanted to spend his lifetime.

Β© All rights reserved. All rights are reservedΒ©raghaash blog 2016.


  1. You channel the spirit with clear distinction and knowledge, it’s relieving.>.< it immiediatly brings back memories to me of being pulled into the eyes of one who knows. It’s kind of funny, and kind of sad, that the truth can only be seen by the majority of people when it’s hidden.

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  2. i like the poem. reminds me of the line from Jerry Maguire ‘you had me at hello.’ however, there is a shift in the first five lines of the third stanza that deviates from the flow of the poem in the first and second stanzas that then continues from the rest of the third stanza through till the end of the poem. a lovely poem all the same.

    Liked by 2 people

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