The Muse…


By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

He asked her will she be his muse,
She said yes & walked his route;
He was a poet,
who could romance without touching,
He painted her in his beauty
Leaving her to reminisce;
Blowing like a serene wind he caught her unaware,
How she didn’t know she fell for him without being scared.
His eyes spoke more
What his words had left unsaid
Lost into a world that was a mystery,
He caught hold of her hand
& paved her path to the oblivion.

How mystic was his world,
she was in awe to be part of the unconventional
He romanced with ease with every other creature,
Decorating them with his beautiful words.

His words smoothed calmly like the rivers
Strided like the waves,
The world that he took her to,
she kept walking in trance of divine grace
Here there was no hint of melancholy,
Everyone dancing in merry & singing in gay.

Off to a world he took her off,
Where his words became her prophecy,
Oh how masterly was his tone,
He ended up evoking the poet in her……..
& she turned into his MUSE…….

Β© All rights reserved. All rights are reservedΒ©raghaash blog 2016.


  1. Beautiful! Your mind is intriguing to me, and your words are like sitting in a comfortable chair wile looking into the ocean and listening to the waves crash and wash up and down the sand. Music to my soul. Great work miss… Great work

    Liked by 1 person

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