How Dowry is directly related to Female Foeticide..

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

She was born, she was feeded with milk, that which ended taking her life..


She was killed because she was a girl, a liablity, who would push the family into debt….

We all are well acquainted to female foeticide. How some people discern from having a baby girl and kill her before birth itself or later. This is not new to our society. From eons this ritual has been carried on and still not even a single soul who could decipher why it is so and what has created this feeling in minds of people.
Well, firstly people don’t want a baby girl, because, she comes with baggages of debts. Bearing a girl child, means to them, spending money on her health, education and marriage, with complete no returns in bargain, but the other way they find it profitable to educate their sons, spend on them, so as to reap benefits, during marriage by asking for more dowry. To look at this, these are the reasons, that has led to female foeticide



Our society, which considers, a girl to be somebody else’s property, from the time of birth itself. She is considered as “parayadhan” literally translating to somebody else’s property. So is that the reason, that she is considered as a loan taken by her parents, who at the time of her marriage, have to be repayed back with double the interest?



Spending oodles of money and sometimes even breaking their savings and taking loans, just to repay back the debt of bearing a girl child during her marriage. Is it right?
This particular ritual, that has become a precedent in our society can be dated back to olden days, when the king got his daughter married to the mightiest prince, in bargain of protection for him from enemy kingdoms and for the prince to emerge victorious, gave gold coins, army, wealth, etc at the time of marriage. This was then relevant, when marriage was more like a  trade, and sole motto of imperialism. But does, this stand relevant to the present time?
Educating a girl, may feel like a burden to some parents, as they think, what is the use of educating her, when, we are not going to reap any benefits out of this?
Don’t you think, some rituals are to be revolutionized and represented in a new way?


Just think, nowadays girls and boys are educated enough to secure their living. A girl is well educated and hence there arises no need for spending oodles of money in her marriage, in bargain of getting her married. By the time, kids get married, parents are on the verge of retirement or already retired, who are living on the money saved for future. Is it right to expect them to spend money?
On the other hand, with rise in cost of living, A day’s marriage costs nothing less than 10 lakhs or even more. Is is smart thing to spend so much unwantedly?

So why not today’s generation take up the things in their hand. The groom and the bride spend for their own marriage. Nowadays both girl and boy earn well, are educated and knows to differentiate between right and wrong. This will also make them value money and relationship & not take eachother for granted. and at the same time, help to curb this feeling of unwantedness of girl child in the society.
A girl will be educated to stand on her own leg and be knowledgeable enough to remove her family out of the brink of ignorance, and stop this evil from spreading.
If parent’s wish to spend, ask them to give a token of 101 as blessing and rest be taken up by the bride and groom.

Somewhere, the cause of female foeticide is related to the spending or dowry in marriage which can be only curbed or vanquished by today’s literate generation. When the thinking of a girl being a liability itself will be destroyed, no girl child will ever fail to see the dawn in future. She will prove to be that blessing, who takes a family towards prosperity and transcendence..
So lets come together and Fight against dowry, which is the primary cause of female foeticide, by pledging, to finance our own marriage.

“A small step  it may be, but in future it will show the future, the road to divine”…

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  1. Hi.. I can’t express how much I’m moved by this post . U have truly imaged our society & it’s vulnerability.. ” Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation”. People should understand . It’s very easy to have slogans and rhetoric that people will follow , but eventually the slogans fall away .
    Well-written . Quite appreciated!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you liked it a d could relate to my post. Its high time we understand what certain rituals are taking the country into the verge of self destruction. With time things need to be changed. And the right time for change is NOW. And each and every person should stand in support of right.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankfully things are changing
    …at least in cities with female education and job scenario. I’m positive that change is coming
    Slow it may be! Great post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes change is happening, though slow but surely one day realisation will strike. Education & rational thinking are the only weapons which can put an end to this evil.
      Thank you so much sharing your thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Quite informative! Learn a little more about using commas.

    Be that as it may, I loved reading this. I’m in India but I’m from Zimbabwe. It’s a great thing to know that somebody cares. Keep sharing your perspective; it’ll change somebody’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This article should be read to every parent,every child..Parents should spend more on a girl’s education rather than her marriage..It needs strong determination to stand up to the crowd and talk about this..

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  5. It is very much directly related. I have pending posts on similar topics can’t get heck of my thoughts.

    I think the need to stand for what one believes and face the people is rising very high. Because what was once followed out of illiteracy, ignorance and foolishness is now being continued as pratha, I can’t do anything because my family does it, everyone is doing it and so on !

    Dowry is a such a understatement of the dark matters of our culture, this must be grabbed right by the neck and held !

    Who is going to do that ?
    I don’t think many !
    Let’s wait and watch
    We keep speaking tons on our blog who will get awakened is the question.

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    1. I have seen my friends and relatives getting married and spending money like water. When I have kept this statement of mine, why can’t the couple finance for themselves, I have heard people telling, that is how society works and it is duty of her parents. But I find this utter nonsense. Still people are drowned in brink of ignorance and not ready to question such doctrines.
      We write blogs, to spread awareness. Don’t know how many read it, but if it can even trigger one person’s mind, it can be a good start towards making difference. And ya this the main cause why girl child is abandoned and considered liability across some parts of the country..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes my idea is that if even one person gets to think on it, our purpose of blogging is done. But I think the magnitude of problem is super big that we need to shout sharp and wide.

        Let’s keep standing for what we believe and fight for it.

        Cheers to the spirit.
        Keep sharing your encounters.

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