A Letter….


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By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Today while writing this letter to you,
I just wish there never comes a moment to post it.
Sitting here in my tent,
admist the desert I am writing, what I have longed to tell you, something that is somewhere buried in the hearts of many of us who fight for our countries.
Whenever we receive letter to report for duty,
there inside our heart,
rises a feeling of pride.
A feeling of our mother calling us, to bail her out of the clutches of enemies.

When i was to become a soldier I always thought its the easiest job ever,
to have rifle in your hand & letting us free to show our valour.
But in reality after donning this army uniform,
each time I hold the rifle & shoot a bullet,
I know its not easy,
to see our fellowmen die,
the weight of responsibility for our nation is very high and also the emotions splurging inside, which we can’t let come admist our duties.

Miles away from everybody, while the air there would be carrying the aroma of sweets ,
the air here only carries the stench of blood, of the soldier, who lost his life in the battle field. With time our eyes have also turned just like the desert, barren & tearless, cold eyes pricking us like the thorns of cactus.

When on the battlefield during night time
the air is filled with energies of vigour & strength,
a feeling of do or die.
Theres sounds of bullets & cries, cries of saving our nation’s pride.
Again in the morning, it turns into a crematory, cold & lifeless, where
millions of them are burned alive.

Sometimes when we are sitting idle,
After the war, looking at the lifeless bodies, makes me think, who is the enemy here?
The one facing us in the opposite, is also some nation’s martyr.
Why are we killing one another, without knowing what wrong the other has done?
still the bullets keep soaring as rains, hitting somebody & rupturing their heart.
We are here to fight for our nation, to save our motherland out of trouble,
but sometimes it makes me feel, what have we given her?
bathing her in her childrens’ blood day & night.

The air carries a silent truth,
The soldiers who die in the battlefield,
are not our enemies,
they are martyrs who are fighting for their country.

Everytime when we see our friends die in front of our eyes, watching
the lord of death walking by, remaining oblivious when he will catch whom, we keep fighting for our nation’s pride.
When the soldiers are hit,
the blood oozes out,
but even in pain, we keep fighting off.

At the time of death,
theres left no more regrets, content are the faces,
who gave their lives for country sake.
When killing we are not killing just an enemy soldier,
but somebody’s love, somebody’s son & maybe a sole breadwinner,
But soon it is overtaken by the feeling of emerging victory.

Day & night we pray for peace, praying the Lord, let there come a day,
when instead of holding rifles,
we all come together hold eachother’s hands to celebrate world unity.
Now the siren has gone,
our call has arrived,
the fight has began, I have to report for my duty.

I don’t know what will be the end result of the war,
but I promise my love, either I will return victorious or else u will recieve my sleeping calmly covered in my mother’s arms,
laden in TRICOLOR..

A Nation’s son..

Β© All rights reserved Β©raghaash blog 2016.

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Posted by Aishwarya Raghunath (mystic raghaash)


  1. I must say that you just wrote down what my inner voice tells me every time when it comes to war and bloodshed, but I have never been able to put it down in words. So I’m grateful to you. Thanks

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    1. Congratulations sir. πŸ‘ They would guide you on how to get about with the site. I can totally understand your dilemma. Even I was confused as to what to post so started with one of my blog posts itself. Still confused regarding what to post next.

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  2. Hi Mysticity. Great post and beautiful writing in a spirit that is so much needed by this world. I also want to say thanks for all the likes you have given to my paintings. Right after I post it I see a like, always by you, dont know how you do it so quick! Anyway, thanks and take care.

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  3. This! The part that kept me hooked was where you said about killing a fellow human without no reason to do so. Thinking from an individual point of view, it is more than true. A few set of men unknown to another few set of men kill each other for an entirely different group of men. But why?
    Well penned πŸ™‚

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  4. This actually resonated with me, have been there and done it,funny anectode fwhen I was going to be deployed to Afghnistan, sorry I meant Afganshit, my mother when I talked with her on the pone ( I can remember this as if it was yesterday) so my mom through the phone said, ” Just bring me back sand”, gotta love the woman.

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  5. Forget about soldiers, did you really write the first part for me?…… I know you did, that was seeeeeeeeeeeeexy, but donΒ΄t write it in a tent in the middle of the deasert, itΒ΄s hot, woman!

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    1. Haha. .. that was a good one. I would have loved to write it admist snow, but then the hands would turn too numb to writeπŸ˜€. So opted to write in a tent in middle of desert. πŸ˜‰


  6. The air caries the silent truth ~ I think this was the phrase that said it all. For those who are facing you on the other side of the border, and also for those who are waiting for the soldier at his home. And in between the both, in silence, in solemn ~the soldier carries out his job.

    Well composed writeup ~ heartfelt words.


  7. This is beautiful. A lot of emotions conveyed in one single write up.
    The undertone to the entire letter is painful, but in a way beautiful as it brings to us the bittersweet emotions related to soldiers and warrior families.
    Beautifully written. Would come back for more.

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      1. Profound and poignant. Beautifully written. my father and my first husband fought in two different wars; World War II and Vietnam. Thank you for sharing this incredible letter.

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