#Abstract – Blush of Sky

Image Courtesy – Pinterest
At the horizon 
I see a love story brewing;
The sky donning a purple cloak
Spread over flowy cirrus...
As Sun pecks his beloved
Before resuming his shift on the other side
He calls out
Oh Selena, be careful
You are going out in the dark;
Beware of miscreants
Replied Selena
"Oh Helios,
Calm down your worry
It's dimming your luster
You may be on the other side
It will always be only you
For whom I glow
So let me watch your creation
As I traverse through the sky to reach you
Till we meet again at the horizon
And embrace each other on a new moon night!"

- Aishwarya Raghunath

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.
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