Musing – Old School Love!

Old School Romance
Image Courtesy – Pinterest

Amidst the millennial love
Of social media and blue ticks
The heart is still old school
Oblivion of modern antics
The play of eyes
Slimy wall of silence
Words on mute
Eye drowned in essence
The rush of blood to cheeks
No makeup can ever compete
Wanting to see them happy
Growing along taking the leap

No confessions
Oodles of friendship
Not just a shoulder to lean
A hand to walk along
Neither ahead nor behind
Strolling side by side
Independent yet bond
Does such a love exist
Beyond the blue ticks
And right swipes

A bond created by vibes
Meeting whom, your self you find
The one who makes you meet
A dimension you were unaware of
Old school love of goosebumps and butterflies
An antidote to fear, it makes you take the plunge

Amidst the millennial romance
The heart seeks handwritten letters
Carrying the fragrance of love
It breaks all the barriers external and innate!
Ain’t it divine,
If you find one grab it with open arms
Amidst the millennial romance
Let’s get back to the old-school love!

Aishwarya R

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.

Repost with Credits


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