2020 – You Deserve an Eulogy!

A year we cringed
When the world was grappled in darkness
A reality too hard to sink…

Pushed to the barrels of darkness
Waiting for an escape,
A year that pushed us from within
To seed again and germinate;

365 days of transparency
It stood holding the mirror of change
Flashing the truth card on our face

It echoed aloud
There is no such word as impossible
It wasn’t a year
But a dare!

If you wish,
Your dream life you can claim
A year that opened our hearts;
Left open space for love to rise
A year that took us to the brink of hell!

We watched ourselves learn
And grow
From the ashes and fire
As the Phoenix rise!

& Glow!

You were tough
But weren’t wholly bad
You cleansed our eyes off delusions

When surrounded by dark
You Made us witness our inner light!

Fall yet rise
To see the positive side
You echoed

Actions matter most
Clear the roadblocks
Create your Path towards WIN!

– Aishwarya R

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.

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