December Poetry

A pause,
A semicolon
A promise;
The closest point between you and a new start
A year apart
Longest and Shortest pause
Like tomorrow and today

A completion
A beginning intertwined with the end,
Of coldness and warmth
Reminiscing the bygone days
Rejoice for future
A tense;
A perplexed Mind…
A journal
That connects tomorrow to today
Like the cold wind kissing the chime!

Moments of slumber
Time to awaken
Of looking at the sky
Carrying the fragrance of approaching spring
Whites of snow
Carrying festive Caravans
Of warm moonlit nights
And chilly cosy days

A memoir
A momentum
Of ponders and wonders
Dance is of poignant heart
To fall in love with self
Of adieus
And delightful welcome for a new start!

– Aishwarya Raghunath

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.

Repost with Credits @inkwordsandspells

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