Unleash Your Inner Child…

Inner Child
Image from Pinterest

You know what,
The child inside us still screams with joy
Yells you are special;

It believes in us
Has the zest
Yet we are scared to get it out
On the pretext of
Whether we will be accepted
Or considered an outlaw…

Should we follow the same set path
Or maneuver through zig-zag roads;
Is it fine to accept pre-ordained destination
Or go on to explore the unknown…

The inner child
Ain’t asleep
It knocks the door every time;
Yet again we shoo it off
Unheeded, its screams unheard
Enclosed within soundproof walls…

It alone reminds us
We aren’t ordinary
We are special;
That we are more than
what we know of ourselves…

The inner child,
Says aloud
Do not trust the crowd
But look into the mirror
And answer your inner call
Hear it yell aloud;
You are special,
Then why be laid off!

Dream, Sketch it;
Add life onto your wishes
Blowing sparkles of will…

You are Special
Then why be ordinary
Life perhaps is a one-way ticket
Dreams are complementary…
Live it to your heart’s content
To experience remorseless landing…!

– Aishwarya R

How do you keep your inner child alive?

Share your thoughts in comments. I would love to hear your thoughts...

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