Fear of Oblivion

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By:- Aishwarya Raghunath

Something has gripped the heart
Its pounding hard
A fear unknown;
A messed up head
Am I lone…

It takes over me
When I am my cheerest self
A sudden grip of panic
Withholds my chest…

My soul yelps
The cloud of darkness hovers;
Carrying rain
I gasp looking at them
Unable to sense the soltitude

The wish to weep
I lay down to sleep;
Tired eyes
Waiting for dreams;

I keep staring
Into the walls;
A rage it is
Or a guilt you call…

What is that torments
Making the heart anxious
I try to catch hold
Away it slips…

How do I catch;
What resides in head
Haunting me often
In its paranormal quest.

Into a cage I am gripped
The keys placed close;
Yet I shriek for help
When I myself can open the door…

The shadow of fear
Slowly grasps
Into the world of anxiety
You get clasped…

Confessed the girl
When asked
May be this is how
Anxiety makes the self feel lost…

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Published by: Aishwarya

Hello everyone.... This is Aishwarya (Pen name Mysticity)!   I completed my graduation in journalism and PG  in MBA. Professionally I am a content developer, & freelancer. My journey of writing began when I randomly started to scribble my thoughts. I understood there exists a deeper story than what meets the eye. The quest to explore the esoteric journey into the untouched realms, to question answers and dwell into oblivion i found power in my pen. Connect to me in this platform if you are ready to set into the spell of words that never wards off!.

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