Fated Sojourn!

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By – Aishwarya Raghunath

Whose fate be as bad as that of death
Who no life wishes to befriend;
Lingering fear
In its dreadful stare
Leaves an ever haunting lacunae;
Can it ever get riddance?

It sat alone in melancholy
On the green meadows of grass;
Laden with sprinkling flowers and buds
As and when it’s hands got laid on them
The land tore apart;

The colors faded
Off fell the leaves;
No more did the ears ring
Of their melodious symphony

I often ponder
Does death curse itself too;
For being the loneliest of all
Pictured in a gruesome portrait
Does it too shut its eyes tight
Looking at itself
Does it too feel
Dreaded by its own stare?

Is it as cold as its hand
Or is its heart frozen inside
Through which doesn’t flow
the rivulets of blood anymore;
Does it too run away
Of its own shadow
the unscathed pantomime?

A myriad of complaints
lingers in its heart
For besotting it fate
It rests in graves
It awaits
For someone to hear it out
For A place
Where the air doesn’t carry the putrid smell of decay.

When it smiles
It brings only tears
Gates of heart are marred for whom
Its welcomed by no glory
But with swears and tears
Where no smiles bloom.

Laying alone
In the yard of deserted land
A tear jerked out from its eye
It cursed its presence
An irony it was
When It itself
Wished to die

A paradox of time
That which shuns the breath
Now was caught in spell of life
A curse or blessing
To live forever
Placing its icy cold hands
It seeked for warmth
It is
An angel in despair….

Much wiser
Generous and honest
Whose fate can be as bad than that of death
That Mourns in silent cries
For its presence
which the world despise…

All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.


Published by: Aishwarya

Hello everyone.... This is Aishwarya (Pen name Mysticity)!   I completed my graduation in journalism and PG  in MBA. Professionally I am a content developer, & freelancer. My journey of writing began when I randomly started to scribble my thoughts. I understood there exists a deeper story than what meets the eye. The quest to explore the esoteric journey into the untouched realms, to question answers and dwell into oblivion i found power in my pen. Connect to me in this platform if you are ready to set into the spell of words that never wards off!.

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