By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Suppose the power we preach
Whose idols we worship
Whose name we propagate
The ubiquitous energy
Walks down on earth
Taking a form
And comes to meet us
Will you recognise him?
Or her may be;
Or will still linger thoughts
On your mind
Probably questioning his sanity?

What if he isn’t the way you imagined
Yet have turned out different
What would be his name
What if your God was born
In a separate religion…?
Will you accept him still
What if he proves your ideologies wrong
Will you call him God
If he is born with an image and form?

Would you believe him
Only if he sways his magic wand
Or call him a charlatan
A con donning the face of God?
Oh man! Wake up…
Will you be skeptical and judge him too
When you know he is the one
Will you thank him for life
Or ask him questions?

The questions are unending
Answers are none
Each negating one another
In quest of religion
We have forgotten to be humans;
What if he is the alien
We wish to trap in our labs
Or the one facing you
In the mirror… standing on the other side
Will all told theories turn obsolete then?

What would he be
Religiously atheist
Or selectively religious
What if the religion you despise
Happens to be your next birth?
What would you call it then
Hell or heaven?
Born into a new cult
In which manner will you utter your prayer…
Ask thyself
If your God
Criticised your manner of loyalty towards him
Will you still speak in his favour?

The entire world
Is waiting for incarnations
Or the judgement day… whatever you call
Yet are ignorant of their own actions
Surrounded by too many dogmas;
Pitted against one another
By disrespecting nature and creations
Present in and around…. remember oh man…
No prayer or God
Can ever harbour wholly in your heart

It isn’t the myth
Nor his genesis that matters
Its the traits that distinguish
A human from other human
That’s needed to be catered;
Imbibe the traits
That designated him as lord
Without propagating the name or form
If you tap into your very soul
You will find the same energy in every atom
Whether the idol in temple
Or the creatures in varied form….

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.


Published by: Aishwarya

Hello everyone.... This is Aishwarya (Pen name Mysticity)!   I completed my graduation in journalism and PG  in MBA. Professionally I am a content developer, & freelancer. My journey of writing began when I randomly started to scribble my thoughts. I understood there exists a deeper story than what meets the eye. The quest to explore the esoteric journey into the untouched realms, to question answers and dwell into oblivion i found power in my pen. Connect to me in this platform if you are ready to set into the spell of words that never wards off!.

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