Sleep Paralysis

By – Aishwarya Raghunath

Silence all around
I hear my scream echoing loud
Walls project imprints of my nails, conscious trails

I sense…
My mind reminiscing
A meek whisper shudders
I must be dreaming!

As night sets in
And sun travels to world’s other end
A fear hovers the heart
Engulfed in darkness
Sending chills down my spine’s end.

The sound of footsteps
unknown marching closer
Mind embroils,
And heart senses something malicious conspiring;

The form starts to dart
immobile and frozen
The ears turn clairvoyant,
the body in quest to awaken..

Midst a question once again pops;
if its just a dream, why am I unable to wake up or walk?

The eyes are shut, pulling me deeper into slumber
I view myself from above
Lying as a corpse, cut off the cord.

Is there a stranger in room?
Who is the mutated being?
I ask the grotesque form, how did it get into my dream?

I scream loud for help
voice muted by supernatural shriek
Lost in lacunae,
Nowhere to reach.

Has the soul receded from form
I see myself disarrayed and static;
Laying lopsided as corpse,
my vision conjuring stories…

Reckoning paranormal
In pernicious eerie silence my senses stroll;

Surrounded by perplexing sounds
a hard grip falls on my chest;
Crushed underneath approaching death…

I yell as voice disperses in space
Unable to move my hands nor legs, for gallop of air my lungs crave

A transition I deter, passing through caves of dream
Caught between the horizon of wakefulness and sleep

I fly like the kite
As the air of soul flies
A grip I envisage to hold, fighting with my deterring pride.

The struggle continues…
I pledge not to bow before death
Pulling myself hard enough to break the grasp

In the chasm of night,
I fear into psychotic spells I am caught…

In treacherous legerdemain
the devil shrieks
Doors creek
Into the Whirlpool of paranormal I am pulled deep.

Deafening laughter and screams
I yelp to get out of trap
A sudden jerk one last try
I jolt and my soul hits back into life…

The transition was hard,
my heart pounds loud
Returning to reality;
I lay there lost in thoughts.

Was it a dream or for real
Was it just hallucination or an unknown fear?

It makes me face things unseen
Trapped inside the keyhole of dreams
Thronged by disturbed emotions, evoking anxiety.

The night dawns again, once again darkness blankets sky
A phobia sets in once more
Jitters of thought winds away my sleep…

A weird transition to nether word
Thoughts scrambled toppled world

I fear to get on bed,
deep in sleep I scream for help…

Lips too petrified to voice
I ponder
Did I just visit devil’s world?
Was I actually dead?

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017/inkwordsandspells.


  1. “I view myself from above/ Lying as a corpse, cut off the cord.” — Sounds a bit like astral projection.
    Fear-filled and eerie. I can see why one would be afraid to fall asleep after experiencing this.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right too.
        Actually I was myself in a dilemma over what should be the ending. The present ending and what you suggested both fitted well. Then I went with the other one as I wanted to give it an eerie ending…
        It was a pleasure to get your insight 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

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