By:- Aishwarya Raghunath

Once upon a time…
A story began,
a dream was sown
watered with hope and love.

Once upon a time…
A star died
Down people looked at it hoping there wishes would get inscribed.

Once upon a time…
A child died
There was born an adult
Whose dreams were crushed
Weighing down by pressures of world.

Once upon a time
past waved off smiling
handing over us to the future present

Once upon a time
Anger raged inside heart
Reaching the shore of eyes
Melted as tears in dearth.

Once upon a time
Words felt so soothing
No sooner was it understood silence carried more meaning.

Once upon a time
Laden was the soul with invisible scars
When a serene blow of love
took away everything along.

Time seemed to race along
Then came moments which bought time itself to a halt.

Once upon a time
Life seemed all a game
No sooner death knocked the door
And nothing anymore remained the same.

Once upon a time..
Memories were made
Held in cages of world
Now memories are collected by man everyday.

Once upon a time…
Once came the moment to live
Which was named present
To nurture grow and cherish…

Once upon a time…
Time walked beside
Changing the sceneries all the way.

Once…. at the end
Looking back at those bygone days
Death asked life
Did you cherish your time
Living all the way
When you were gifted paradise?…

And then
Life turned silent
Having nothing to reply
It knew what precious gift was lost
When man had time to build, change and rejoice

Once upon a time…..

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017.

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