Thankful Adieu!

By:- Aishwarya Raghunath

Yet another year is coming to an end, our planet has once again completed its another revolution. Yet again we have braced ourselves to welcome a new year with for next 365 days 2018 will be the centre of attraction.

Woah! Our millennium will turn major tomorrow. It’s entering its 18th year.
Wishing 2018 will set the pendulum in embarking humanity at the pedestal.

What did the year teach?

“They left
They did not turn up
Past and future they are
Embrace the moment called the present
Life happens only in NOW!”

A year is most significant at two points. At of 1st jan when it starts and of 31st December when it ends. It between is filled with speculations, changes that gradually take place and people who disappear. We try to grab these moments, year long we collect memories failing to enjoy the NOW.

“With setting moon
Rose the sun
Bringing together everyday
A new gift called present”

It’s not just the journey of our blue planet but of us too. They ask me whether the new year holds any significance. I saw no it doesn’t. We are been gifted with a new opportunity every second and day. Tomorow donning mask of today is filled with opportunities and gay. A new year is just a semi colon to a sentence, the sentence has changed but hasn’t ended.

“Beautiful was the year
Which I embraced as mine
Passing me in the arms of another
Bidding good bye!”

A year is significant in the manner to recollect what we were taught, how much we imbibed and how many we lost. A year for some acts like a plaster which is used to bandage the wounds. While placing us in the arms of the years to come, it leaves them to heal.

“Doors everywhere
Opening which is your choice
365 new opportunities laid across
It’s all on you how you set it right!”

A year, it doesn’t guarantee a joy ride. 2017 has filled its baggage, has left us with memories to cherish, hatred to perish, and lessons which sounded gibberish. 2018 has entered with its Pandora box. Lets just wait and watch what surprises are to shock us, how fa(ith)e is going to mock us, how well we are listen to ourselves so that while bidding adieu to the coming year will not tear us.

“Life is a joyride
Accept to change
Expect nothing ever
Turn exceptional forever!”

I wish we all atlast accept change to be the ultimate. Let’s get rid of expectation. Let’s accept we all are temporary residents. Create more goals, leave no dream unfulfilled, use your energy to the fullest for creating marvels. Listen to your inner voice, read in between the lines, be the creator of your destiny, take the armour of life in your own hands. The fight never ends unless the war of mind is not calmed.

“Age is just a number
Never let it decide your game”

The earth is 4.6 billion years old yet she is still young, fertile, colourful, Moody and curvaceous. She hasn’t taken rest for even a day. If she can keep going round the fire ball sustaining changes throughout. Why can’t we do?

Be unstoppable. Age is just a number, don’t let it decide your play.

Embrace change, do not plan your life, frame the blueprint in your mind and keep working, no matter what you do, do not lag behind. Be ambitious, be greedy. Greedy to be happy, greedy to rise everytime you fall, greedy to live life to fullest, be greedy for life, it’s your call.

Though it’s just the year that has changed, adding infinity set straight in the form of 8 at the end. Keep moving, do not stop. Love fearlessly and spread kindness it’s not so difficult to be a human as difficult it is thought.

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017.


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