Empty Yourself!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Empty yourself!
Use all your skills, explore all your talents
Try new things, compete with self. Read a lot. There is nothing more articulating than winning yourself and at the same time defeating yourself. You are your biggest COMPETITION. That’s  the moment where pride and failure gets balanced. Neither  will you feel the pain of failure nor fly in the invisible vehicle of pride.
That is the time you will explode with all your might.
Question everything that doesn’t go in tandem with your thoughts. Don’t believe what’s preached by the world blindly.
Drown in the depth of words, there’s lot to the stories that we have grown up hearing than what is shown to us on the surface.

Give out all your love to the world. Whatever that is in you. But mind you, never expect even an ounce of it in return. Love can’t be begged for, those who are capable will give it you by self. Do not cling to anything that’s eating up on your energy.

Life is too short of time to drain our thoughts on those who aren’t reciprocating to our wavelengths.

Love with all your might, but also understand nothing lasts for ever. Perhaps it’s just NOTHING  that lasts FOREVER. Accept thyself, be independent. Remember you are the only one to accompany yourself to the grave. The one soul who journeyed from you from the womb till the grave, which you ‘YOURSELF’. All others are mere passengers in the journey of life, who will leave at some point of time. Be detached.

Some will come to you only when they need, fakeness seems much closer than real does. Don’t cling.

Forgive everyone but never Forget
. Keep moving forward emptying everything off yourself.
Empty your self of regrets, self pity. Spread love, advice when asked, don’t be afraid of failure, Use all your skills and talents. Embrace silence.

This is the only way to liberation wherein you have emptied yourself of everything that you took from the world. Transforming hate to love and attachment to detachment. When you have used all that which was gifted to you by Lord there’s nothing left which can get you back to this world.

Empty yourself of everything, turn into NOTHING. That is the only way which will close the doors for you to return again and live forever.


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Published by: Aishwarya

Hello everyone.... This is Aishwarya (Pen name Mysticity)!   I completed my graduation in journalism and PG  in MBA. Professionally I am a content developer, & freelancer. My journey of writing began when I randomly started to scribble my thoughts. I understood there exists a deeper story than what meets the eye. The quest to explore the esoteric journey into the untouched realms, to question answers and dwell into oblivion i found power in my pen. Connect to me in this platform if you are ready to set into the spell of words that never wards off!.

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