Greatness of Nature

By – Aishwarya Raghunath
The sinner and sage were headed to the grave
Sharing the same piece of land, on the ground they were laid;
The rich and poor also joined
One dressed in a coat and while latter’s clothe remained soiled;
The king and the subjects were buried close by
The former was now deprived of his crown
They both rested in peace on the ground;
The religious and atheist both embraced the same land
Where borders were drawn, rampaging lands.

Throughout the journey the pretenses they carried
All were broken off their myth on the same ground all were buried;
The soul watching stood beside and cried
Death is profound, life is filled with pride.

It said:
“In hate and wants I deprived myself of true happiness
Which death gifted me laying me on my mother’s arm;”
It cried aloud but in silence it’s scream was lost
Blossoming words of wisdom it spoke at last
Oh man in this life what have you gained by war;
You are nothing, the truth is thats all
While you may havediscriminated while alive,also may have achieved name and fame

Someday ask the maggots for the truth,
to it every flesh tastes the same!

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017.


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