An Open Letter to God!

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By:- Aishwarya Raghunath

Dear God,

Disclaimer: I don’t know which is your language, yet I am writing to you in English as it is internationally acknowledged on Earth. You may be getting a lot of letters and i hope you do read it as i have written it taking time out of my always busy for you (GOD) only know reason schedule.
Yours and my timing never match one another. You say trust my timing, how can we when we both are living in two different parallel worlds. I seek you very often, confide to you the deepest secrets, the dark shades and bright spots of my life which none around can ever know or have known yet.
We have wholly placed my trust on somebody whom I have not seen yet, but have heard about since childhood as being the savior, a friend, and a confidante to rely on.
You say find me everywhere, in every person and atom… but do tell me, do you really exist in everybody? I really have started to doubt this word of yours. Each person that we come across, yet, hardly can we find your presence in them. If that is what you call as your presence, then we humans have been broken of our trust to find you. I never thought nor will ever think you to be manipulating, breaking trust and most importantly fake.
If this is what describes you as you call yourself to be present in everyone, do check your words once again .

How can I believe in the God who doesn’t even stand up for himself? Everywhere around the world, there are fights and wars in the name of you. Lives are taken and sacrificed for your sake. People are burning with ignorant rage and most importantly your own creation is at threat. And what are you doing? Waiting for the right time to incarnate and put things in its place. Isn’t it selfish of you?

What use can it be when after everything has already been destroyed and there’s nothing left to repent, you come to normalize everything? And you say I should believe you. I can see my mother Earth being tonsured off her beauty, her pain is nothing in front of what we humans go through.
This itself shows, the one you trust will eventually be the cause of your pain. She cries in silence, yet never leaves the hands of her children. She is your own daughter and what have you given her in return?
Your timing runs for ages and seriously I believe there is some major gap in our time zone. Just for your timing sake, one will have to go through cycles of birth and death, yet fail to know you and keep mounting wishes. So why don’t you once and for all come down show yourself to us  in person and shut the mouth of all the morons who are fighting in your name and destroying peace?

I know for the first time you have totally messed it up by creating humans and thus hid yourself completely turning invisible. And I even know you are now residing at a place which is closest to us yet hardly visited i.e the heart and mind. But now do speak up for your own good.
Just show us who you really are. Whether a man or a woman, whether old or youthfully handsome. A beautiful maiden or an invisible nymph. An animal or a bird, what race you belong to or which part of the world is your favorite? There are many questions brooding the minds of your most creative yet lame creation that is humans.
And imprint this in your mind to better rehearse these questions well before your arrival as there are media on earth which will throng you with questions. Eventually, do come down as it is never possible for we humans to realize you and release  you out of the confines of our ignorant mind where you are residing and turn into a savior for ourselves and world. In short “Turn into you”.

Your little big fan stuck in the cycle of the universe.
The name is just for the earth, in actual we are nothing.
Known to you and anonymous to the world.

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  1. Neale Donald Walsch also wrote an angry letter to God begging for clear understanding of how life works and out of it came the Conversations With God books and answers to questions like yours. Sending you hugs and blessings. 🤗💕✨

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