Musings #4

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath 

You are the salt in the sea
It’s okay to be naive;
You are rocks of earth
To be sculpted
You need to be broken;
You are star
It’s ok to twinkle with hope;
You are stardust
Having consumed by inner light
You need to fall killing your inner pride;
You are water
Not created to be still
Be always in move;
You are vast open sky
Become limitless with knowledge and hope;
You are wind
Touch lives to spread merry;
Keep on moving without getting caught
Spreading smiles displacing memories.
You are moon
Filled with variations
Be an open book for few
As well as an ocean of mystery.
You are each and every species you meet
Absoring positive energy
Retreat negativity;
The journey is manoeuvring
Into crests and troughs.
Shedding away the older self
Into future should be our path;
Be thankful if you were broken by life
Through the broken crevices;
Will knowledge seep inside
Spreading out glow of life.
To be a kaleidoscope
With multliplicity of design
To be a star also
You need to be broken in your life.
The journey is wondrous
Sometimes low sometimes high;
Often when life gives you blues
Take a tour inside your mind;
Cherish and nurture everything
Speak your heart never shy.

“You were born without a name. The world gifted you one. Still you would remain oblivion if you don’t make it synonmous to your self. One day everyone will leave, death keeps promises and never deceives. We may go away remaining just a fragment, keep no regrets let your memories and way of life be like the sun showing others their pathway.”

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017.


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