Way to happiness.

By :-Aishwarya  Raghunath 

Caution! Beware. Attachments ahead!

Attachment a small word it may seem, but its impact can go from being ever fulfilling to grave. Attachment makes one cling to something though being fully aware it is going to drain them off their energy one day. This often crops the question in mind, are attachments wrong?

There isn’t a perfect philosophy or explanation coined  to answer this. But more often than not, yes they are not wrong, but wrong of course. Confused?

 Attachment is a seed that has been sown into our minds since the time of inception. Recognizing oneself with something material instills the feeling of attachment. Thinking somebody or something only belongs  to you, that sense of belongingness is called attachment. It is our inability to view ourselves other than this mortal self that pushes us into the gallows of attachment. The feelings of love, hate and pride all arises from the same source and somewhere tend to be interconnected with one another.

Hate is not always absence of love, it can be well described as the inability of a self to come in terms with truth, which can shatter the false identity that they have created in their mind. It is just like not drinking a health potion only because it is bitter. Bitterness is healthy and so is truth. This is often the reason why people find it irresistibly difficult to move on after being hurt or ditched.

The conscious mind knew the truth, it often prodded you, only the mind was too inebriated to hear it out. The ego  doesn’t let one accept the truth. “Whom do we get attached to? For whom do we cry? It is all the physical image that we have imprinted in our minds.” That image is what we attach ourselves with. Attachment gives birth to this ego. The ego of how can somebody walk over us, treat us bad or not stand true to our expectations. How can somebody cheat us, fool us. How can we let go things, the ego says, I don’t belong to anyone, but everything belongs only to me. That is the dark side of attachment, which is just limited to physical self. If the soul is understood, actions will turn transparent.

Nothing is life is forever, everything and everybody are going to leave one day playing their role immaculately, often teaching more and explaining less. Only one is going to walk with you to your grave, that is your self, more importantly your conscious mind, the super soul that resides inside. It is absolutely unwise to put it through trouble and sorrow by creating a well of wants and desires. Why to be in sorrow? Why to cling to our past or fret over our future? When we can perfectly build our castle in the soil of present.

It is said by the lord himself, he is unborn and endless. He was neither born nor can be destroyed. He is the invincible time, who is self emulated. He was present even before past, will be present even when the future fails to be, he is no one other than NOW, this moment. He is present and unending. Even when the universe fails to exist he will be present even then and will never perish. Live in this moment, coming in terms with the absolute truth you are far more than just this self. The journey doesn’t get over by wandering across the world, but when the self understands the supreme soul.

Attachments are limited to your mortal body which will perish sooner or later and the soul will don a new one based on its thoughts and desire. With this body also gets burned this attachments. Whom we suppose to be ours for always is nothing but an illusion. Who knows, the one we hate were the ones who were too beloved for us in our previous birth and the one we love now were once our sworn enemies. We don’t remember who cried for us when we died,  we would not know the same who will when we go away. So why to cling to attachments.

Attachment is a never ending chain and a serpent which will sooner or later coil your life out of you, leaving you empty handed and bruised. Leading to expectations, short time happiness and lifelong hurt. Learn to master this attachment, by being attached to your super soul, inner self, hearing the minute voice that is perfectly at peace with itself and never in search of happiness outside. happiness lies within. Be detached.  Never crave for anything, neither expect, because sooner or later life has exceptional ways to prove you wrong.

Be detached and keep doing your work following the voice of your heart. From attachment gems expectations, which are like those weeds on crop, unworthy and bringing downfall! Be attached without dejection and expectation, learn to master the art of perfect alignment with SELF!

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One thought on “Way to happiness.”

  1. Sounds good. Lately, there were people who wrecked a havoc in my life. Abusing, conspiring, playing pranks–nastiest of things. It was their attachment but people do as they are. Perhaps they emphasize that attachments last forever. I tried to understand why life has brought it to me. Their karma against me indeed is attached to them. But, I set them free. After all it was me who had attached my expectations to such nasty people.

    It is completely different when I understand the logic and am talking about this but after going through the experience, it will take me ages to get rid of the destruction they caused. In fact I feel more disturbed on read such things .

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