Behind the closets of Eyes!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Her eyes were moist with smile on her face. Unable she was to decipher what was it. A little birdie sat on her window. Chirping looking at her It asked, “Why are your eyes moist, can you explain me what is it?”

She held her head high and looking at the birdie on her face came a smile.
She took a deep breath and spoke atlast.
She said, “Listen oh little birdie, while I pour out my heart.”

The birdie asked again. “Are these tears? What are they can you explain?”

What were tears thus she explained:

“No my tiny friend. They aren’t tears. Though for the world it may seem water. It’s just the ocean raging from inside pulled by gravity of emotions which are just like moon waxing and wanning not genuinely present. Just a mirage like the moon, an illusion. But when it appears it creates turbulence in the heart, breaking its serenity and creating upsurge of emotions, It is unable to hold on. It comes flowing out with all fury and love just to show how deeply it is affected. How deeply has the moon created its presence etched in ocean’s heart.
It’s all in vain. The oceans rages just to fall again. Only to fall again with much greater force. Yet it doesn’t lose its hope. It is speechless and shut. Unable to explain whats really happening inside. Frightened to be judged and mocked, it wears the veil of smile.
Filled with bitterness of hurt and pain, the world failing to know what the ocean fears to lose that which it never gained.
The rain of tears, blood turned transparent finds a way out through the universe of eyes. Where resides deepest mysteries of broken dreams, silent screams and treasure of speechless reads, where mystery resides. Locked and treasured with perfection donning the veil of smile, that which remains unspoken behind the closets of Eyes .”

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2017.


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