Paradise of consciousness!!!

By :-Aishwarya Raghunath.

You are a composition of the dead, living and the life yet to come
Charioting in the vehicle of body
The inner soul seeks for liberation.
The horses driven are senses sublime
Who can be controlled
By reins of intellect;
Battling in the field of time
They can be driven with perfection.
You are past present and future residing in one
Doubt filled mind wavers in varied directions;
Wandering in the mortal body
Seeking remedy for pain and deceit.
Lamenting in thoughts of future
Loathing in states of past
The spirit trying to seek redemption;
Knocks at the doors of God.
The answers are within
Like a treasure locked in the closets of heart
When the seeker is ready by himself to drink the nectar of wisdom;
The doors of knowledge God unlocks.
When the seeker is piqued
The teacher arises;
When the soul is awakened
The mind becomes the abode of Lord’s divine song.

View turns clearer
Thoughts of doubt vanish
That moment is witnessed the universal form of soul;
Inside which everything resides and where they perish
The debt of actions affects him not
Who performs actions with knowledge
From whose mind desires are out;
Trusting the soul without any doubt
Righteousness triumphs thus for what it sought
Having tasted the knowledge of supreme soul;
Turns out to become elixir for immortality of self
Redeeming the mortals from clutches of birth and death
Such a soul then resides forever in God’s paradise.

ยฉ All rights reserved. All rights are reservedยฉraghaash blog 2016.


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