Musings – Innocent Love…!!!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath 

A beast he was

Rigid and tough

She was beauty
Dancing through life’s crests and troughs

He was misunderstood misinterpreted often
His heart has turned all rock;
The flower of love
Forgot to blossom…

It was dormant all while
For a hearty embrace;
Longing for a loving touch and caring grace.

Then she came laden in golden dress,
hair tied up high in bun
lost she was in The big palace.
She saw him sitting there all gloomy and sad. Silently she approached him laying on his shoulders her loving hands.
He roared in pain,
which terrified every single creature.
But couldn’t frighten her even a bit,
by his roar her heart didn’t tremble.
She looked at him,
with all awe and love.
Inside his eyes she found the hidden love.
He was relenting to show his real self,
which was lynched and hurted by people around.
Yet love won atlast,
she watered the rose with her love
Which had failed to bloom in his heart
Slowly it started to blossom again.
Unknowingly he again started turning human.
She became his most precious  medal
Who had turned him from a beast back to human

She was his heart’s cry

With whom his life turned magical and life became a joyful ride…….

ยฉ All rights reserved. All rights are reservedยฉraghaash blog 2016.


Published by: mysticity

Well I am crazy, weird, nothing near to normal. My mind has a mind of its own. I believe in the mystic, because we are all about it. In short I am what I am.. Now what others think of me or perceive me. Hmm... that I don't care about. Living life to the fullest is my funda. There's a simple formula here, Add love minus expectations multiply happiness divide sorrow is equal to content life. Now its enough about me, lets get into the roller coaster ride of mysticity.....

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12 thoughts on “Musings – Innocent Love…!!!”

  1. #LOVE CAN..
    *Melt a dipressed HEART..
    *Cool a frustrated BRAIN..
    *Inspire a tearful Eye..
    *Motivate a speechless Mouth..
    *Bring fairness to the colourless Skin..
    *Provide precious power to the Hands & Legs..
    #Salute,Respect & Love “LOVE” with love …
    Thank u for d remainder…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha.. Nice question hari. Hmm.. I think she was the one because of whom he again got a reason for living. He always had the human side of him but never wanted to show it to anybody. She perfectly understood the human heart inside his beast form. And knew well all it needed was love to blossom once more. Maybe she had fallen for that heart of his and not the form in particular. So may be it won’t mind for her whether he remains in beast or human form.

      Liked by 1 person

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