A Child = The Divine!!!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

No man is perfect
But every child is;
They only know to love
In their mind is no trace of hatred
Always happy and gay;
No shadow of melancholy
Every child is perfect;
In the growing stages of infancy.

Same are all in the eyes of whom
It doesn’t matter to them who is whose;
White or black they are bothered by none
Unable to talk
They talk only the language of love.

Not binded to any thoughts
Who can recognise a person by their warmth;
Matters to them no religion
Like a wet clay are children;
Mould them with care
Beware of your thoughts and perceptions…

Eager to learn
They don’t discern;
Who can melt the hardest heart
They are embodiment of perfection…

No one can hate them
They can melt the hardest of mind;
Where ever they go they just spread cheer
Thoughts and vibes are always clear.

They neither envy nor they pride

Indeed a child is the epitome of perfection
A perfect creation of DIVINE

Β© All rights reserved. All rights are reservedΒ©raghaash blog 2016.


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