By :- Aishwarya Raghunath
When the leaves dazzle hit by a wisp of breeze,
Making it seem in deep feel;
That is love which is undefined,
which dances in us deep within.

When the land meets the sky,
leaving the world to dazzle in their beauty;
that is love which brings us a smile,
shooing off all the worries.

Leaving the last piece of bread for your loved one,
quenching your hunger by peace;
It is love that our parents shower on us,
it’s is not bonded by form, colour or beauty.

That which never lets you fall, catches hold of your hand,
that not which takes away your breath;
but lets our heart swim in serenity.

That simple smile on the face of a child,
that flattering of birds & dancing moonlight;
Love is the calm glow of sunlight
which shines through moon,
seeming calm & cool to our eyesight.

The lurking of bird in an eerie night,
that sense of protection from the unknown almighty knight..

That pleasant voice that cajoles from within, that makes us keep going midst the life’s roller coaster ride.
That is love which turns meaningful
only when left UNDEFINED …

Β© All rights reserved. All rights are reservedΒ©raghaash blog 2016.



Published by: mysticity

Well I am crazy, weird, nothing near to normal. My mind has a mind of its own. I believe in the mystic, because we are all about it. In short I am what I am.. Now what others think of me or perceive me. Hmm... that I don't care about. Living life to the fullest is my funda. There's a simple formula here, Add love minus expectations multiply happiness divide sorrow is equal to content life. Now its enough about me, lets get into the roller coaster ride of mysticity.....

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