Thoughtful Musings

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath 

Millions of people
Different yet same
Connected by soil
Then why Disconnected by heart?

The discontent inside unable to tame
Driven by prejudices
Separated by ego;
Children of the same mother
What has kept us all apart.

The pain is similar
Emotions varied;
Made of five elements in this universe
Distributed in proportions varied.

Somewhere somebody breathes their last
Somewhere a new life is born
both made of same energies;
One leaves and other takes birth as fallen star.

Unending is the cycle of life
Today you are here;
Wherever you are its absolutely right
Never cringe never grieve
Whatever you have lost
The universe is readying for a magnum start;
Where everything one day will get retrieved….

ยฉ All rights reserved. All rights are reservedยฉraghaash blog 2016.


Published by: mysticity

Well I am crazy, weird, nothing near to normal. My mind has a mind of its own. I believe in the mystic, because we are all about it. In short I am what I am.. Now what others think of me or perceive me. Hmm... that I don't care about. Living life to the fullest is my funda. There's a simple formula here, Add love minus expectations multiply happiness divide sorrow is equal to content life. Now its enough about me, lets get into the roller coaster ride of mysticity.....

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