Play of Words!!!

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Accept, Expect & Except sounds like triplets lost in the the fair of words.
There is no Acception that there is Expectation,
All Expect to be Exception,
& Exception is one with no Expectation
but Acception of the wordly truth of detachment from material pleasures and worldly adulations.
Accepting what was Expected is not Exception,
Expectation to be Accepted by others is also not Exception,
Exception is expecting from self & Accepting destiny.
So why not we all try to Expect less Accept more of our selves & turn out to be Exception!!!

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11 thoughts on “Play of Words!!!”

  1. hey…uptill now I followed the philosphy…never expect
    cos expectations hurt
    rather accept whatever unexpected you.get!!!
    thanks 4 adding 1 more it add the word exception…
    thanks 4 the inspiration

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