Which Rope have you caught hold of?


By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

Walking slowly ashore all humans ran to reach the light,
The way was far & tenious,
Many finding it difficult to stride.

Far off the ray was glowing, welcoming all to come & play.
Fast moving was time, none knew which path to take,
Hereby man turned languid he started to move astray.

There were many paths to reach the light,
Some easy & some that could tire.
Hanging there in the mountains high,
there were ropes strewn to catch,
Humans ran in that path to get to the light glowing up there.

The path was easy yet difficult to climb,
Man had to strategise different means to stay afixed,
seeing this many people ran and caught hold of the ropes & thus became a community,
When they reached up, they saw walls built with small windows scattered in front of each,
dividing the light into many.

That is ignorance what you call man didn’t see the light as whole,
but he too ended dividing it yet further.
All those who caught the same rope became one community & started preaching that window of light.

All others caught hold of the rope through which they could reach out fast to the light.

Then there was a man who didn’t take other’s route,
started to walk a lonely journey,
saw how beautiful was the world.
Passing the way he heard the songs of birds, dancing in merry,
heard the waves & fall of water, saw the meadows green,
man & animal living in harmony, trees producing varied fruits,
Oh! how beautiful the world seemed which made his journey peaceful.

Then when he reached high he saw no walls separating any,
No fence, No blocks that could block the view.
The walls were all created by man’s perception, which he considered to be real.

There he saw the divine light glowing with supreme luminance ,
soothing & calming was its rays, opening its arms wideapart to embrace its beloved son.

The path he took was that of mind, the light was nothing but soul,
he didn’t resort to the various ropes that created varied religions.

The light was same,
the destination too but the means & ways varied,
some resorted to catch the ropes & ended creating community.

Accept or not but truth remains same,
speaking out loud Lord is one,
how much ever religion man creates we all will remain his children.

Break the walls,
destroy paradigms let not the light get diminished,
look within & seek the soul,
You will reach the highest zenith.

Posted by Aishwarya Raghunath (mystic raghaash)

Β© All rights reserved Β©raghaash blog 2016. All rights are reserved with Β©raghaash blog 2016.


14 thoughts on “Which Rope have you caught hold of?”

  1. I love this. Humanism and not religious division is the way humans need to go towards. They all follow false idols and do not realize it. If christ saw the religion that used him as a vehicle he would not have agreed to it and left in a flash. None of the leaders of these so called religions are following the one rule that is don’t follow false idols. Shrines temples jewelry relics they are all just strands of light but not the rope your looking for. The light is jn the experience found in life and knowledge.

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    1. I agree. Humanity is the greatest religion of all. But still all are confined to their thoughts of religion. Never have any God spoken of creating a new religion or belonging to one. Its his ideals that are to be followed. Yet humans have created one for their own benefits.


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