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By :- Aishwarya Raghunath.

Who is a saint?


He walked bare feet,
taking a stick alone as his companion,
donning robs, he kept wandering into the universe,
carrying within him millions of questions,
to seek its reply,
he set off on a journey,
to find the divine.

He wandered, he stumbled,
bruised his foot,
but all through neither did he cringe nor did he grumble,
And he kept walking straight ahead, to catch a glimpse of his own self.

He wandered & wandered,
Circumnavigating & covering almost half the world,
yet there was some disturbance which he felt inside,
which he couldn’t decipher.

Enroute temples, holy places & shrines,
he met varied ppl who came to him to calm their turbulent mind.

Wandering for years & eons ,
Walking through circuitous path, atlast he reached the place from where he had started his journey,
There he atlast sat in silence,
closed his eyes,
And questioned himself,
have I met the divine?

From within came answer quick & straight,
asking him what did he see on his way?
Puzzled & bewildered he kept silent, he said, “I was totally focused in searching your light,
how can I let it wander while on my mission?”

In reply the voice reverted,
“while wandering around,
You failed to find me everywhere,
in each & every element I was present,
walking beside you all along the way.

The beauty, the light, the breeze, the sight,
inside all I was present with delight.”
“My dear child,
You become a saint not by wandering out,
but when you tame ur monkey mind And walk the path inside ur mind.

You will reach me faster,
getting less tired,
And at the end of your journey,
In front of you,
you will find placed the treasure of WISDOM…

That is the time,
You will turn from a human into SAINT……


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