Dead Rose…


By :- Aishwarya Raghunath.

A beautiful thing that a flower told to the hands that crushed her,

“You may crush me to destroy me,
With my death your pain will get relieved,
Resorting for an easy mean,
To vent out anger,
You killed me.
But oh my friend, I just want you to know,
You may want me to go away from you,
but I will always leave my essence behind while going far off,
Which will keep reminding you of my existence for eons.”

© All rights reserved ©raghaash blog 2016.

Posted by Aishwarya Raghunath (mystic raghaash)


Published by: mysticity

Well I am crazy, weird, nothing near to normal. My mind has a mind of its own. I believe in the mystic, because we are all about it. In short I am what I am.. Now what others think of me or perceive me. Hmm... that I don't care about. Living life to the fullest is my funda. There's a simple formula here, Add love minus expectations multiply happiness divide sorrow is equal to content life. Now its enough about me, lets get into the roller coaster ride of mysticity.....

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