Liebster Award.


Thank you Charvi for nominating me for Liebster Award. Please do read her blog. She has got a beautiful take on this world.

Now answers for the questions put forth by her.

1. Who was the inspiration behind your blog ?
– After reading lot of books on varied topics, inspired me to start writing blogs.

2. Your favourite colour and why ?
– Green. It is colour of nature and life. It is soothing to eyes and has a serene effect on me. I strongly believe if there remains no green in the world, nothing would exist anymore.

3. What is the aim of your life ?
– Use my knowledge for the betterment of others and do my bit for this world

4. Who is your favourite blogger ?
– It will be totally unjust to name any particular blogger. All are amazing in their own way.

5. Describe your ideal location .
– Admist the woods, inside the forests, where silence speaks and words rest. Surrounded by birds and nature. That calming effect that nature has on one, where one can connect to the soul and seek riddance out of worldly pressures.

6. What is something you can’t stay without ?
– Kajal, I am addicted to it. Second, books and third my family.

7. Which season excites you the most ?
– Monsoon. I just loveeee the season.

8. Describe one incident that brought a change to you .
– There are many. Each contributing in making what I am now. So can’t pick out one in particular.

9. If you had to make a wish what it would be ?
– To plant as many trees as possible and to make this world a peaceful place to live in.

10. Fire or water?
– A bit of both. Adaptability of water and fierceness of Fire. It burns itself to light others, purifies and unless there is no fire inside us we can’t light the world out of darkness. Even if both doesn’t exist the smoke surely will.

11. Any advice you would like to share ?
– One life, listen to your heart though it is placed left, its always right. Read more. The world will serve you with many facts coated by their perception, be wise enough to question and pick up what is ideal for all.


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