3 Day 3 Quotes challenge

Firstly would like to Thank saalai for nominating me for the 3 Quotes challenge. Thank you so much Saalai.

Here I will be posting all three quotes together on the same day.

Quote 1


“Blind is not the one who has lost his sight
But one who has lost his VISION.”



Time to Man
I am Present, but not present, so while i am present, treat me like your PRESENT.”



“FAITH is – Fulfilling Act In Transcending Humanity “


    1. True. We all are blind in our vision which is somewhere still under the clutches of societal pressures. We fail to add light to what our heart says is best for us. Thus losing vision we keep walking blindfolded in the path laid down by others.

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    1. I myself got late in posting these. Was kind of last to search for quotes so thought of writing my own. 😜 Do take up this challenge its kind of fun.
      Glad you liked the quotes 😊

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