Ambrosia of Immortality…


By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

So what exactly is immortality?
Is it to be alive forever and not die at all?
Is it to be forever young and not age at all?
There are many arguments raised on against this about one getting to become immortal.
Some believe drinking Ambrosia, the elixir of life makes one free of birth and death. And Mankind from eons have set out in search of this nectar.
Where do we find it?
Do you believe one never dies?
Each and every second we die and every new second is a new birth. Dying is irreversible. It happens every second even without our wanting it.
From birth till date we have all changed. In the way we look, where we reside and the way we understand. One can’t return back to the womb. He is dead there. One can’t go back to being a small kid again, its impossible (but still can keep the kid inside our heart alive). We can’t go back to our past we are dead there still people keep it alive in their memory.
They say our past life karmas effect us, so don’t you think the minute that has passed is also past, a life where we can never live again. In that sense, the action we committed a second before also accounts to our karma. So why only should we delve on karmas of previous birth?
And on how can one be immortal. Well once a wise man said,
” the day he started to live, he defeated death that very minute”.
When we live life to the fullest, death can never happen. When we leave this world still is alive our memories in minds of our close ones. Then we are immortal when we remove wants & greed, envy, vanity from our mind, that day we are immortal.


Desires lead to wants, wants to expectations,
expectations to results, which when is not tandem with our wants makes us die inside.
Desire eats away your life, contentment makes you immortal.
The ambrosia mankind is in search of the nectar of knowledge mixed with conscious soul, that energizes our spirit making one immortal.

When one gets detached off material bondage & comes to understand the real meaning of soul that day transcends into a complete new realm of life where nothing as grave as even death can effect him. He is in complete balance of self & without the heat of desire  nomore is the man engulfed to take rebirth unaffected he is by disease & oldage. He leaves the world with joy, with no repentance nor grieving. That’s the day he becomes immortal in the ocean of time. Unaffected by time he frees himself. He exists as the supreme energy in the abode of contentment.

“Immortality is realization of true self, transcending of soul & actions not bond by karma, that redeems the world out of sorrow…”

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36 thoughts on “Ambrosia of Immortality…”

  1. I like when you wrote, “we are immortal when we remove wants & greed, envy, vanity from our mind, that day we are immortal.” Thanks. I associate immortality to divine consciousness. It reminds me not to buy into the silly efforts to make mortality immortal.

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  2. You are a woman after my own heart. These are the kind of posts I have always wished to read about.
    Immortality and the problems of death have been looked at from the time of woody allen to the silly sit coms today. Im glad you came up with such a beautiful, not so alarming approach to immortality. A lighter and convenient version for me to digest.
    Im sharing this on my Facebook too. Worth a read. 🙂

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  3. I used to think I was the only one who thinks like this, Thank God I met such a unique person like you, writing with the most intellectual strings well spelt out in your words and in every line…totally inspiring….keep it up!

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    1. A very complex mystical and musical philosophical text; considering the need for humour light and love as being of greater values than our fears and regrets.
      It’s a very well written text.
      Thank you for the brilliant work.

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  4. Beautiful. I need to reblog this. As I child i read the novel “Tuck Everlasting” and realize that immortality isn’t as beautiful as it may seem. But to be forever preserved in the memories of one, is the greatest kind of immortality.

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  5. Your thought is similar to the Philosopher Nietzsche’s affirmation of the Dionysian and the will to power. Well written and meaningful to read. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  6. Greed for more consumes the soul until it is no more. Being content with what is in front of us is the key to having a purposeful and meaningful life.

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  7. Immortality as remaining in the minds of others…what those memories consist of is how you lived your life…whether those memories be of the wrong you’ve done or the good you’ve done is how you lived your life.

    Thanks for liking my poem, Posey? No-Sie!

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