What is Thy, that you Giveth?

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By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

When asked for fruits he gave me seeds,
when asked for warm clothes to save me off the cold,
he provided me with stack of wool.

When thirsty I cried in thirst,
in my lamenting I failed to see the well that was built not far off from me.

When I craved to know him he gifted me with knowledge,
never did he ever provide me with what I asked for.

Till date I thought why doesn’t he give me what I asked for,
whenever I asked him something he presents in front of me a new riddle.

But through experience I have known the fact,
if he provided me with what I wanted, how will my worth would I  ever understand?

By providing me with raw materials, he let me free to create the finished goods.
I asked him once which is the priceless charity one can give?
He smiled a mirthful smile & said its that which is always with thou.

It breeds in your brain like an idea, that which is the greatest charity one can ever give away.

Though wealth, food & other paraphernalia which u may give away for someone’s need,
it is not going to be always with you, the end product will be elevated greed.

It may or may not be always with you,
Everything in this world is ephemeral,
but the spark sent by me in your mind will never perish,
no matter what u do.

Never remove a person from the problem by providing what they ask for,
knowing or unknowingly you are creating a new breed of parasites, give them strength,
hope & lighten the spirit of idea in their inner self,
set their bonded mind free & watch them create a new world out of rubble…..

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