By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

I was walking admist the forest
When I heard footsteps following me
Panicked stricken I didn’t know what to do
When suddenly my leg hit a stone laying on the ground

I picked it up
Something connected us
And it spoke to me,
Not the language which we humans speak
But through vibes and energy.

It told me in placid voice
Inaudible to others
A promise it made to me,
That it will protect me forever
Because we were siblings
Born to mother earth.

Ordering me to throw it hard,
I did as I was told,
It went and hit hard the man following me
Making him run away for life.

I went and picked the stone again
This time could feel a vibe of satisfaction in it
Deep inside my heart a voice spoke calmly,
“We all are connected
Made out of the same light called soul.”

Nothing is nonexistent;
everything on this earth has life
if only we could feel it
we all are connected to eachother never ever can anyone be truly alone…

© All rights reserved. All rights are reserved©raghaash blog 2016.


19 thoughts on “Connect!”

  1. “Be aware of your own worth,
    use all of your power to achieve it.
    Create an ocean from a dewdrop.
    Do not beg for light from the moon,
    obtain it from the spark within you…”

    ~ Allama Iqbal

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