Happy Birthday Mumma Earth!!!


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By:-Aishwarya Raghunath

Hello mumma Earth,

Today is your day. We Earthians today dedicate this day to you. This is a small piece of letter that I have written for you.

“My mother bore me in her womb for nine months. But you have been bearing us since the beginning of time. But we all are well aware to the way you are treated in bargain.
You  are resorted to lot of pain, both physical & mental.

You are the supreme mother who has given birth to various species. If you are same all over how can we your children be different from eachother?

You have seen your children fighting with eachother & killing your kids for pleasure, bathing you in your children’s blood.
This land is yours but still you are divided into many, where humans claim it to be there’s. Among all your kids man turned out to be the most selfish, who is not satisfied with what he is given & nor does he care..

For you, your childrens’ leg is like a fall of flower, which can never cause any pain or discomfort. Our walk on you feels just as light as grass. But we have created scares all over u by running over u heavy trucks & cars, yet you never complain.

I would like to ask the people how will they feel if somebody spits on their face & throws on them litter?  Why do they don’t cringe a bit while spitting on their mother’s face & still here you are taking it  all silently.
No doubt you are held at the highest pedestal when it comes to patience. You are the epitome of love & nurturing. But its also truly said, the tree that bears the fruit gets the maximum hit, just like  how some parents are subjected to mental felony & sent to old age home by their kids.
You have seen times both happy & depressing. In all we children have failed to hear the silent cries you have been suppressing.

Its said a mother’s milk is like a nectar to her baby which keeps it healthy & away from any disease. Similarly, whatever you give to us, whatever comes from you is like nectar to your children, but still foolish are those who abandon this & fall prey to the chemicals that creates a chain of disease. This is your other excellent trait of being generous & showering us with love, which we are deliberately failing to understand.

So profound is your love that even at the time of death, when others leave our lifeless body, you still embrace your child with open arms, place our head on your lap & put us to sleep singing melodious lullabies.
Oh mother we are indebted to you so much that, even millions of birth can equal it.”

From Your child,
Happy birthday mumma Earth.


Have you ever thought how when somebody is ill or unhappy in our family, how we feel?
We all  come together to lift that person out of the pool of sadness & only when are all happy, does the house become a happy place. I sometimes pounder why is it not that man feels the same when it comes to his extended family on Earth? Even when one creature remains unhappy in this world how can his happiness become genuine.

This Earth is one big family, where every creature has equal rights to live. Its not merely an instrument to play with. ‘ITS NOT A LIFELESS MASS OF BODY TOURING US ROUND THE SUN, BUT A LIFE IN ITSELF’.

We all are temporary residents on this beautiful planet & yet we fail to fill it with beauty & love when here. We are indebted to this mother too, who is subjected to lot of cruelty by her kids.

If someday she loses her patience we will have no right to blame her, remember its we who have bought her to this stage.
We people who talk about women empowerment why do we forget that nature, earth are also women.
Unless even one among these are exploited how do wish the other to be spared?

Lets all on this Earth day join hands together for healing her off her pain, spreading greenery, living in harmony with eachother for our mother’s sake.

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