12 tips for a happy life.

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By :- Aishwarya Raghunath.

Admist all the riches & pleasures, the expectation of leading a content life, always remains in back of our heart. We all wish to be happy & content, searching for ways to attain contentment from different sources. Here are some simple tips that can be easily followed in day to day life.

1. Be more expressive.
-its totally impossible to keep everyone happy, & if so you try to, it does mean you are compromising on ur values & morals. The person who tries to impress everyone, will be stressed if its not reciprocated the way the except. Be more expressive, learn to love urself.

2. Haters are confused admirers, there is a silent appreciation in unappreciation.
– don’t be disappointed if people hate you, & when you are not appreciated. 90% haters are those who don’t know you well. It just means you are way ahead of them & in the right path.

3. You are perfectly imperfect creation of the perfectionist.
– remember you are a perfect creation of imperfection by the hands of the perfectionist, thus making you perfectly imperfect creation. Remember, not even God is considered to be perfect by everyone. Even he has got a large followers of haters. You are human & no exception. No matter how good you are & how much good you do, you can never satisfy everyone.

5. Accept yourself the way you are, seek the divine in you.
– life’s biggest goal is to get one with the divine, by realizing our true self, & releasing the soul out of the inner self to shine bright out of the cage of attachments.

6. Be your own boss.
– you are to walk alone, when you are in the right way. Instead of being puppets in hands of others, listen to your heart.

7. Do more, what u love.
– devote more time on what you love to do. Like writing, reading, playing some sport, or anything you like most. Believe me, it will help to destress one & raise the confidence as well.

8. Take criticism in healthy way.
– never be more attached with opinion of others. Each & everyone has a opinion which is often driven by prejudice. Restrain yourself being affected by opinion. Learn to take criticism in a healthy way. If the criticism is good for you learn from it, if it is not, then just leave it.

9. Spend some “ME Time”.
– Have some me time. Spend time with self, alone. Talk to the silence, you will get answers to all questions.

10. Empty your mind by doing meditation.
– empty your mind out of all displeasures, hate, envy. Your negative thoughts will only harm you. When the mind is left void thats when creative ideas can pave way into it.

11.Workout for atleast an hour everyday & eat healthy.
– exercise for atleast an hour everyday. It will help to throw out toxins, maintain body temperature & keep you young, fit & refreshed.
-have healthy food & follow the schedule. It will prevent many hazards of health.

12.Talk to oneself.
– lastly, everyday atleast once talk to oneself. The world may think you to be mad, but there’s no one who can understand yourself better than you.

I hope these tips helps in bringing you closer to a content life, thus transcending one to the higher realms of life.

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Posted by Aishwarya Raghunath (mystic raghaash)


4 thoughts on “12 tips for a happy life.”

  1. Wow Aishwarya.. Inspiring & powerful tips. I will try to apply them practically. I like the term “haters are confused admirers”.. And it is true that we all search for happy and content life but we get lost in this vast busy world working… Following our passion always helps in making us happy and satisfied… Have a good time..


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