The great Indian Reservations!

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By : Aishwarya Raghunath

Well with the past few days with the happenings around has triggered a spark in my otherwise lousy mind. It has made me put out a question to every other Indian out there, has the time arisen for the resurgence of patriotism? A time to rewrite the constitution? Has the moment arrived when we should start thinking of re-independence from internal slavery & treachery? History of Indian revolution, a revolt for equality, by the people of independent India.
Well its 68 years after the struggle for independence was fought but going by the current scenario it seems nowhere near to a become a developed country with the kind of path we all are taking.


A country which propogates the agenda of free nation with equal rights to all before law, itself has diverged from the philosophy of unity in diversity.
With this comes to my mind another question was community created by Lord? We all as humans tend to form groups with those with whom we know our agenda will end up happening, who are like minded & have similar thinking. This trait of ours by time has created small hollows in our country called India further dividing it on basis of community & reservations.


Reservation which was laid out while preparing the constitution for a period of ten years has been made a precedent for lifelong. Reservation in education to an extent is justified giving opportunity for those who are kept away from it, are genuinely poor & economically backward who can’t resort for studies, but pertaining to the present conditions, reservations in all fields, jobs & further in life is totally uncalled for. With the base of education one can strive to get a good job like every other person does.
If the government really wishes to add communities under reservations then do make a rule by which at a later stage those people who have crossed the border line by affliating themselves to such opportunities & who can now very well take care of themselves be removed from the reservations category. This will not only help keep a tab regarding how many have been able to uplift themselves but also will throw light on other measures to be taken for all those who still backward ensuring a smooth working of the society.
This reservation here has generated into a goldmine for all other foreign countries wherein our nation is ending up losing capital in the form of humans who are badly hit because of reservation system & are left out from opportunities. We need to make a country where opportunities are not subject to reservations but true talent & aptitude.
One needs reservations only until they are on earth, after that all that counts & is going to weigh are good deeds & actions. Whether one is redeemed or not is solemnly based on their actions.
With this I am made to think which category has the almighty resevered for we humans up there??

Posted by Aishwarya Raghunath


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