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By:- Aishwarya Raghunath
“Winning can’t be called winning unless you are not met by a team as strong as yours.”


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Kudos to all the teams till date who participated in the world cup. It was worth appreciating the tough competition given to Indian team, because of which they have proven their mantel with so many consecutive wins & emerged as a tough team. Also to all the other teams who won as well as lost against various teams call for an applause as they all put in their might to make it impossible for other team to make it, because of which winning became worthy.


Lastly, few things the  world needs to understand,
-No lady luck or no single person is ever responsible for winning though the % of energy of the players put may differ.
-No one person is responsible for the lose as well.
 – The losing team doesn’t call out to be mocked or criticised whether in a joking or casual way.
– Vandalizing & breaking tv sets when lost is not going to make any difference.
– The team that was supported with all love during wins, should never be made to feel unwanted when lost.
– True sportsman spirit is applauding everybody irrespective of whether they belong to your favourite team or not.
– In a game, there’s a winner, but never a loser. But a tough opponent who made the winning worthy for the winners.
In short all are Winners
Applaud to India & all other teams


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