Ajab Desh ki Ajeeb Dastaan

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By:- Aishwarya Raghunath
We live in a nation called India which has been the pioneer of many wonders. For this reason I call my nation “Ajab” meaning wonderous, which it is by all means.
But at the same time there are many things that is happening wrong, we know it but still plead ignorance to these.
Question your mind leaving aside all prejudices & ego, dont you think it’s time for change, a good one?

Where people criticize the nation to be run by uneducated politicians,
But still educated youth aren’t ready to take it as profession.

Where on one hand we pet a dog & make it man’s best friend,  somewhere else we slaughter an animal & make it man’s best meal.

Innocents are slaughtered & culprits are fed.
Here children are asked to be unique but school (education) expects everyone to be same.
Here grades & degree weigh more than intelligence.

They say participation is important, but only winners get applauded.
Where India’s got talent but they are never sufficient nor is talent accounted.

We say “naam main kya rakha hai?”
But ” idar ek surname se pura rajya chalta hai”.
Here freedom of speech for common man is just limited to constitution.

We are asked to be individualistic, but still follow mob culture.
maybe it’s a trait we have learned from our Monkey ancestors.
Where many don’t dare to write their futures,
& still believe in getting their horoscopes checked.

We say God is one, but still he is divided into many,
Here he has ended being only a medium for money.

Here we preach people as God,
& God’s existence is questioned.
Where many criticize idol worship,
Still idolizing few dummy Gods who claim to be agents of the Lord.

Where education is free, later life is costly.
People earn for living, leaving life somewhere in between.

Here people cringe to spend time in queue,
But can spend hours online.
Where many believe in live-in relations,
But rarely believe in living & cherishing life.

Here everyone wants freedom, but rarely wants to be freed.
While in normal white shows up even the minutest stain,
The same in case of politics camouflages reality.

Then songs had less music & meaningful lyrics,
Now our daily colloquial gets sung as songs with some creepy beats.

So contrast is the thinking,
We call ourselves modernized but still rate people according to their skin.
Where foreigners crave for tan,
We crave for fairness & opt for beauty creams.

Once pictures were clicked for memories,
Now to make our display pic.
Though they were random then,
They carried deep feelings.
Now they have turned reel & vague,
Now not even good picture gives the feeling same.

We all criticize our nation,
Never leaving a single moment to vent our frustration,
Just put a thought for a minute or two,
Are we not responsible for its degradation & progress too?

We forget that we are part of this country,
Looking for our self interests,
In bargain it’s our nation’s future that is at stake.
No more blame games, now its time to take these criticisms on our stride,
If you wish for the country’s progress come together & strive.

Lets save this beautiful nation filled with variety,
Come together & stand for our mother land & make it a place filled with tranquility…



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