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By : Aishwarya Raghunath

India’s daughter is a film that has been creating waves worldwide. I am not here to comment on whether its authentic or not or whether it was sensationalised. The documentary but has surely struck a chord with the masses. It acquainted us to the mindsets of the culprits of the horrendous rape that happened on the fateful night of 16th Dec 2012, where even after spending time in the jail the rapist still speaks without remorse. It’s worth appreciating the efforts of the film maker who gathered all her strength to come out in open of herself being a rape victim.
This documentary also lead to some negative repurcussions by effecting the image of Indians & Indian males overall. I can assure that everybody who watched this video both women & even men for that matter must have experienced the same chill going through their spine & horror that was witnessed by the victim. Anger must have come out from within hearing the small talks of the lawyers.
Though I appreciate the efforts & can totally relate to what every women go through & stand against the crimes that women are facing everyday. But still I won’t call this video an “eye opener” or an excellent piece of work. But yes surely “an alarm” for govt to wake up for implementing stringent laws to eliminate these evils. This documentary intended to view across the mindsets of the accused of what made them commit such crimes. There are many factors that play a vital role in creating this mindset, which I won’t go into detailing as of now.
This issue was seen in context of India as India’s daughter. Alongwith it was also stated it is “global issue”. This crime is not just about India’s daughter but of all those daughters, wives, women who go through this, irrespective of their nationality, race, creed or status. A rape is a rape no matter of where & how its committed. Some are gruesome while some cases die natural death. The plight of all the victims is same worldwide. Crime committed in India or outside still remains a rape. It is one among those many crimes that is a Black Spot on humanity.
Days have gone now to debate on what happened, how it happened, no more lighting of candles & morches, but time to show what action needs to be taken. It is about knowing the mindset of what makes such a crime to happen & its not just limited to thinking of rapists in our country. It’s time to implement laws that is applicable for rape in global context and not limited to state & union or any particular country. A law thats universally justified for such gruesome acts. Where the culprits are not given easy death but made to live in conditions where they plead for death.
I would have even more appreciated had interviews,  cases of rapes witnessed around the world were also showcased. Showcasing the thinking of those culprits as well.
As a women I want to feel safe everywhere. Be respected & walk without fear irrespective in which part of world I live. Had we also been acquainted with those cases and their mindsets as done with the nirbhaya case, it would have carried even more weightage & would have also justified the real “global issue” criteria.


The government under no means would have got the right to think about banning this documentary, without even commenting on the intentions & politicising the issue.
“All said & done its not just about India’s daughter, but about all those millions of daughters around the world facing this evil & crying silent cries.”


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